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rose with a tear

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... And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom ~ Anais Nin

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Judy C said on Aug 14, 2015 0:33 AM

Sharing in Sue's healing workshops, meeting dynamic women and trying to find balance in my life, I feel I was supported , calm and safe to open up and share thoughts and feelings that have been hidden away. In love and appreciation, Judy

Beth T. said on Jun 3, 2015 8:42 AM

Just wanting to share how much I enjoyed my first ever Reiki session. I have had a greater sense of peace and reconnected with my creativity after just one session. Thank you for your attention to detail and care, Beth T.

Lorraine Johnson said on Mar 4, 2015 10:01 AM

Dear Sue: It occurred to me that when we spoke yesterday, I didn’t get a chance to share with you why I thought, “This is who I want to be when I grow up,” when I met you. So I am going to attempt to do that now. I loved your cheerful warm disposition and the fact that you were running your own business and didn’t feel the need to behave like a man to do it. I admired how you embraced your femininity … your love of pink and roses and your unconventional workspace. I especially admired the fact that you, not only had your own business, but it was so diverse and creative. You see clients individually and in groups, you teach, you run mini workshops and retreats. I loved the creativity, variety and freedom you worked in. That is what I had always said I wanted for myself and there you were doing it. Within the last eight months and some time after our having met, I “friended” you on face book and have been so inspired by your ability “walk the walk.” It is clear that in addition to the above, everything in your life fits into your spirituality, not the other way around. it comes first. Your messages are so inspiring and it is clear that is because you are so inspired. As time passed, the consistency was clear. It was not because you were just having a good week or a clear moment, but that is who you are and how you live. And who I want to be when I grow up. I just thought you should know. With Admiration, Respect and Gratitude, Lorraine Johnson

Judy R said on Feb 28, 2015 1:11 AM

Hi Sue, You did a great job organizing and leading the gathering tonight ( Sacred Ceremony ). You thought of everything to make us feel comfortable and pampered and empowered. The people in the group were lovely. Thank you so much. Warmly, Judy R.

Lucy said on Jan 28, 2015 9:41 AM

I met Sue a few years back on Facebook through my fellow friend. Never did I know or think back then that she would end helping me with some of my past emotional baggage that has still affected me and held me back in my adulthood. I always knew what the issues were, but having her confirm it has helped me to clear out the past and get on the right path of making the changes I have always wanted to make. Sue is very kind and warm, spiritual and giving, and I would recommend her highly. She also uses her intuitive abilities to help you in her sessions. Thank you so much again, Sue!

Judy R. said on Nov 5, 2014 11:01 AM

Sue, thank you so much for your class on the book "The Four Agreements." You discuss topics in a calm, caring, understanding manner. Your advice is always extremely helpful. I feel happy and empowered after speaking with you.

Celeste said on Oct 29, 2014 4:58 PM

Thank you for your guidance, kindness and patience during meditation class last night. You led me to a place of greater understanding, of openness in just a short while. I look forward to your next class. Much Love & Light, Celeste xo

Richard Teresi said on Oct 15, 2014 5:39 PM

Had a great time playing for Sue Waldman and her women's spiritual group in Verona tonight. Sue is very gifted in guiding people to inner peace and spirituality. I felt very relaxed tonight and that's no easy task. I strongly recommend it, if you are looking to do some positive soul searching. if you are interested in going to the next meeting, please message Sue Waldman for details. She also has a mixed group as well, if there are any men out there willing to let down their guard and let the power of positive spirituality in. Thanks again, Sue.

Brenda Morchian Kosko said on Oct 9, 2014 3:22 AM

So Monday night I went to Sue Waldman meditation class. I learned a lot about spirituality and about myself We took the time to mediate which was a great experience for me being I cant sit still nor can I ever stop thinking. I am looking forward to more classes. I would suggest to everyone to try this at least once. Brings a whole new feeling to yourself

BP said on Sep 23, 2014 11:02 AM

Several years ago, I had the divine pleasure of participating in one of Sue's classes held at Montclair High School. It was amazing. It was the catalyst for my inner-work. I felt so blessed to have to have a safe and supportive class/community for self-discovery in my own backyard. Sue.....your gentle audacity to live a life of love, beauty and authenticity is inspiring.

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Thanks, Sue! I really enjoyed myself and felt wonderful after the meditation. I love your excitement about your's contagious! Angela Armstrong ~ January, 2010


When I first came to you I was overweight and wanted coaching to lose weight and motivation to exercise. Instead, you helped me connect to my spirit and find the God in me. That turned out to be what I really was looking to find. Now, I have God helping me get more healthy. Thank you for this gift. P.F. Jan. 2010.


I really enjoyed the workshop, LOVE ~ Being A Woman! a lot. The class exceeded my expectations. Sue made the class feel comfortable and interesting. Her information was very helpful for me and most important as a woman and she certainly made it inspiring to come to the classes. Montclair Adult School student, Nov. 2009


LOVE ~ Being a Woman! was a very inspiring class. I wish it was longer. I love taking Sue's classes ~ her wonderful insights are very helpful. I would definitely take her class again because she is a wonderful instructor. I chose this class because she was giving it. Montclair Adult School student, Nov. 2009


It is so refreshing to be in this work with you. You are a blessing and a joy. You re-define the world. Thank You. V. D. Oct, 2009


I loved the workshop last night ~ Steve Sears, Oct, 2009


The way in which the Living, Loving & Learning workshop was presented made everyone feel loved and accepted. I'm looking forward to another one ~ Norma Tassy Oct, 2009


I'm always inspired by how you changed my life... it wasn't always pretty or nice, but by you staying true to what you saw, it gave me a mirror I had never seen. You are quite a woman... and I love you. September, 2009


Wanted to thank you again for such a great evening (Living, Loving & Learning workshop) – although I came away with a peaceful almost sacred feeling, when I arrived home I was so excited & joyful that it was hard for me to fall asleep.Y.A .~ September, 2009


When I arrived at the meeting last Sunday night, I was not sure what to expect. This was my first Loving the Life you Live! workshop with Sue Waldman.

I was a bit guarded when we began. As the other women started to share, I made the decision to fully disclose something about myself.

This opened up an amazing connection between myself and the other women. It was as if something was aligned in the universe and I was supposed to be right there at that time. It was quite amazing. I so appreciated the magic in the room and the understanding that I felt from the other women. This kind of openness and sharing is invaluable. I left feeling really positive and eager to explore all the possibilities of further “Change” in my life. T.G. ~ July, 2009


Thank you once again for providing a safe place to ponder life's mysteries in joy and love.You are a beautiful person and make such a positive difference in the world.

Loving The Life You Live! Attendee ~ April, 2009


Things are happening to me of late that are of great value and great joy. So many of them are a direct result of the generosity and support you showed toward me and my work in the Spring of 2005. I am sure that many blessings come to you for all you have done for others. I thank you, Sue, and wish the greatest happiest for the whole of your life. ~ Vincent, 2009


Thank you for taking the time to talk to me over the phone today! I knew my experiences were a re-direct from the universe, but I have been having such a difficult time having the positive energy and motivation needed to run in my new direction. Therefore it was so surprising and nice to talk to someone who saw quickly what I had suspected to be true about my situation. ~ S.B. 2009


Thank you for shepherding me through the miracle of change. Thank you for guiding me towards and through moments of recapture and release that set me free and changed me. Thank you for teaching me how to use my senses to reconnect with my spirit and thank you for inspiring me how to care and have compassion for myself in difficult times. My life is dramatically different for knowing you. ~ J. R. 2008


What a wonderful opportunity to share a relaxing weekend with other loving and nurturing women. I needed time to reflect and recharge, and this retreat was the perfect place to do that.

We do not always have the chance to get loving feedback. How do we ever really know how others see us unless they are willing to tell us? I appreciated hearing from others how I came across.

The space was absolutely delightful ~ very light and airy with lost of skylights to let in both sunlight and moonlight; decks on every floor including the roof; multi bathrooms that easily served the many bedrooms, great spaces for coming together and sharing as well as many spaces to be alone to read, reflect, journal or just enjoy the ocean breezes and mother nature. I was pleasantly surprised by all the surrounding woods that lent to so much privacy to the location.

Sue, Thank You for providing such a wonderful place for us to treat ourselves...truly a gift from an angel! Deborah Graham, Women's Sun & Sea Retreat ~ Barnegat Light, NJ • September, 2008


One of the best retreats I have ever gone on! Anonymous


Coming together with like-minded women really is a treat and to have done it in such a magnificent house with the sun and sea was definitely Queen's treatment - Loved it! Sue's joyful energy was the thread that held the entire retreat in the utmost love and enthusiasm. Her openness and willingness to jun into the unknown, allowing events to unfold naturally was a teaching in itself. I can't wait for the next one! ~ Michelle O'Neill, Women's Sun & Sea Retreat ~ Barnegat Light, NJ • September, 2008


I had an absolutely perfect day and Sue, your style and warmth and love of what you do is what made this a more special time. Thank You. Anonymous


I feel recharged, at peace and happy. Anonymous


I loved most about this retreat the relaxed atmosphere and the amazing group of women who came. Anonymous


I have grown leaps and bounds since working with Sue. When I first met her, I was a shell of myself and my life was plagued with depression. I've learned to take my life back with Sue's support and

guidance. Sue is a truly special person. She leads by example and her open mindedness, positive energy, and wisdom have helped me finally believe in myself and achieve a sense of peace and awareness I didn't know I was capable of. The workshop I attended was a very helpful and nurturing experience particularly during this transitional period in my life. It was a place that I felt I could check in with myself and get more connected with my spirituality. It helped me cope with all of the changes taking place for me right now. I was pleasantly surprised with how responsive I was to it. Sue helped me find myself and has been an integral part of my evolution. Her influence on my life is invaluable and I'm so grateful to have met her. She makes me feel like anything is possible! ~ N.R.- NYC


There were times when I couldn't see the end, couldn't foresee the days when I would stop crying, but just like the sun on a cloudy day, I knew if I believed in it enough it would happen, I always knew it was there and it would eventually poke its head through the haze....And that's not to say I still don't grieve, I do. It's a long journey, one without a finish line. There is no goal line, you never cross the plane, score the winning goal and do your touchdown dance, but as long as I believe in myself, I know I'm getting better everyday.In fact, wait, there it is. My muscles twitched, cheeks flexed, lips parted and a smile spread across my face. A smile I put there myself. ~ M.G Montclair, NJ


If you are considering working with a coach or a therapist, I highly recommend Sue. With her balanced abilities as both a healer and motivating coach, Sue will enable you to think and achieve limitlessly. If you are wishing and hoping to grow or change, Sue will empower you to be your true self and to have faith that you can accomplish whatever you want in your life.~ B.M. New York.


The course "Excuse Me -Your Life is Waiting" was the most amazing class I have ever taken. It far exceeded any of my expectations. ~ T.Z. Verona, NJ


The adult school course, "Re-invent Yourself From the Inside Out" that I took with Sue Waldman, was a fabulous experience for me.The speakers that Sue had present to the class were top notch. ~ L.Z.


Sue Waldman is one of the best instructors you have at the Adult School. Courtesy of the Montclair Adult School


Thank you again for being the catalyst for me in becoming a Life Coach. You've really been such a key player in my life, one

that appeared as a pivotal part in my transformation. Thank you for being you. ~ Michelle O'Neil, NJ


Thank you so much for all of your help, support, compassion and inspiration over the past couple of year. So many of your teachings are now an important part of my life and I consider myself to be incredibly blessed to have met you.

T G. July, 2008


Prior to coaching, I had become somewhat pessimistic and"blah" with my personal & professional life. I had put my dreams on the back burner and thought that the security of my management job was more important than my happiness. My first coaching sessions really opened me up and helped me to dust off the dreams that I'd always had of working with people in creative ways, instead of just working with products that do nothing to me. The sessions also helped me to move beyond the sadness and discouragement that I was carrying from a relationship breakup. With the clarity and support I got from being coached, I had the courage to start my own business. Within a few weeks, I have started working for myself and have been generating clients, managing my new projects and still have time for personal activities, like exercise, mediation and wellness workshops. Sue has played a tremendous role in my life. She is exceptionally motivating, creative and dedicated to transformation. She is a very intuitive counselor and instructor whose techniques draw upon the wisdom of all her professional disciplines. In a caring and holistic way, Sue inspires and educates people with enthusiasm and the courage to step outside the box to resolve problems and heal incomplete emotions. ~ K.C. South Orange, NJ


Sue did a fantastic job of helping me move forward with my business. She had a lot of great ideas combined with years of experience. I felt she understood what it was I was looking for and helped me achieve it. ~ T.D. NYC


Beautiful workshop! I learned to honor the divine within me and other women. C.T.

2007 Morristown Women's Festival


I just wanted to thank you for the session last Friday evening. It was so wonderfully run and I really enjoyed being around so many like-minded people.

~ LJ, NJ


Hi Sue, I felt centered and freer today because of the work we did last night. I want you to know I respect your strength, admire your tenacity, feel love in your

presence, and grow from "being" with you. ~ N.S., NJ


Your course, "Re-Invent Yourself From the Inside Out" changed my life! Thank you. ~ K.G., NJ


I consider working with Sue a gift. When I began seeing Sue, I was stuck and I desperately wanted to change my life. With Sue's guidance and support, I began to learn how to change my thinking which had a direct effect on my behavior and as a result, I made concrete changes in my life. In the past, I had begun the process of changing my life many times before, but would always get stuck; working with Sue really gave me the direction, support, and guidance that I needed to make some permanent changes

and to move to a new place in my life. Sue is simply terrific and I would recommend her to everyone I know.~ D.E. Virginia


i wanted to tell you how good I've felt since i left your office yesterday. for whatever reason, i miraculously have been able to let go of the anxiety and fear that's been plaguing me for the past

couple months. it's kind of remarkable. i prayed last night and instead of starting out how i usually do, "dear god, thank you for everything, but please please help me...", i said, "dear god, i finally see you again." it felt amazing to actually feel that and not just wish i felt it. i slept through the night without waking up in the middle of it to start obsessing and never fall back asleep. for the past 24 hours, i didn't get that horrible feeling in my stomach at the very thought of some things and i haven't felt so afraid. i actually feel kind of confident and normal again, even happy and thankful, for the first time in a long time. i don't really know how this happened and i know that it's only been a day, but i just wanted to tell

you about it because it's the first reprieve from dire misery that I've felt in so long. i also keep reminding myself to choose from love and not fear. i don't want that horrible feeling to ever come back

again!!! i will be ok. more than ok. thank you.~ N.R., CA


Sue has been a tremendous help to me. Because of her, I have been

able to accomplish many of my life goals. Her incredible warm spirit

makes it easy for me to talk with her and anyone who comes into

contact with her is incredibly lucky and blessed. I loved "Awaken The Goddess Within" workshop. I learned so much and I am so glad I was able to find my goddess within. I look forward to continuing my journey with her.~ H.S- West Orange, NJ


Sue has been such a catalyst in my awakening and I am so grateful.

She has such a sweet embrace that she consistently wrapped me during our sessions. Her gentle guidance without opinion, her having me seek the answers within without preaching to me, and her non- judgmental nature yet wise discernment allowed me to spiritually ripen to hear that I am love. Welcomed and accepted are understatements for what I felt in Sue’s office. This was the place where I was not judged, where I was not given any advice and where I certainly never felt afraid to open up. It takes a well-trained dancer to perform what looks easy on stage, and Sue held her therapeutic-role with the most exquisite poise and delicate pointing to what I was not comfortable in facing within myself, but I knew it was necessary and I was totally willing. The saying is true, When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Held in an ocean of her support and encouragement, I was able to meet what I had been running from and what I later saw as the reason for all my suffering.

~ M.O. Wayne, NJ


After one day of working with you, Sue - You changed my life forever Thank You ~ Leah

I think what influenced me the most from the workshop, "Becoming Who You Really Are" was the realization that the barriers I had set up around myself were unreal, of my own making - shadow

projections. I think it is also hard to accept my individuality as a gift. Now, instead of trying to pretend that I am only one type of person or feeling pressure to conform, I am more comfortable with pursuing all my dreams, even though there are many of them. I think the change has to do with looking at my life over time and valuing the choices I have made. Letting go of fear and self-disrespect is a difficult habit. Sue's guidance made it clear, like shining a light into dreams you only have at night, and seeing how beautiful and possible they are. It is just a matter of choice!" ~ K.Y- Brooklyn, NY


Sue has a gift. Her lovely, warm, and open personality offers an

incredible space for self reflection and discovery. Sue is extraordinarily sensitive and insightful. She is fully committed to celebrating existence with total acceptance and loving kindness to all. After working with Sue as a coach, I changed the way I thought about myself achieved a new level of success and satisfaction with my life. I wish you have a similarly rewarding experience .

~ Alex Ran, scientist, yoga instructor and musician

-Boston, MA